360-Degree Evaluation

Empower enterprise understanding of staff

360-degree evaluation can help enterprises gain a comprehensive understanding of employee performance and needs. This insight enables the development of improved training and development plans, enhancing employee satisfaction and performance.

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Multiple Application Scenarios

performance evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Assisting companies in evaluating employee performance, identifying areas for improvement, and developing effective human resources and performance management strategies.

talent inventory

Talent Inventory

Tailoring talent segmentation to each company's unique characteristics and providing a customized talent distribution map that aligns with the company culture.

teaching evaluation

Teaching Evaluation

Gathering feedback from students/teachers to improve teaching quality by identifying and addressing issues and shortcomings.

talent development

Talent Development

Multi-dimensional evaluations help companies discover employees' potential , enable employees to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and clarify their career development directions.

multiple application scenarios

Multiple 360-Degree Evaluation Reports

Enabling companies to understand employee performance and potential, and providing personalized support for training and career development. Empowering employees to identify strengths and weaknesses, and plan for their professional growth.

Individual Evaluation Report

Individual evaluation report helps the evaluated individual understand their strengths and weaknesses, discover their potential, formulate a personal development plan, and improve their job performance and professional skills.

individual evaluation report

All Personnel Comparison Report

A comparative report of evaluations for multiple individuals provides insights into performance differences, identifies outstanding and underperforming employees, and assesses the overall strengths and weaknesses of the team.

all personnel comparison report

Department Comparison Report

Departmental report comparison helps managers identify problems while enterprise-wide evaluation provides a comprehensive understanding of each department's team atmosphere and work status from multiple perspectives.

department comparison report

Department Evaluation Report

The department evaluation report can help department managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their department, and make targeted improvements to departmental management.

department evaluation report

Department Personnel Comparison Report

The department personnel comparison report helps department managers understand employee performance and differences through multi-faceted evaluation and comparison, identify the most potential employees, and improve departmental efficiency.

department personnel comparison report

Overall Dashboard

The Overall Dashboard can help managers quickly understand the comparative situation of various dimensions of the company, and make directional adjustments to employee management and recruitment strategies.

overall dashboard

Rich Feature Support

multi level

Multi-Level Dimension Settings

Associate multiple questions with corresponding dimensions and set multi-level dimension weights.

weight settings

Weight Settings for Different Evaluation Groups

Set multiple weights flexibly based on the actual hierarchical relationship.

scoring control

Scoring Control for Answer Pages

Set a fixed proportion of people who can/cannot score a certain value.

batch evaluation

Allow Batch Evaluation

Allow for self-selected peer evaluation, departmental evaluation, individual evaluation, and evaluation by level.

batch report download

Batch Report Download

Support one-click download of all reports to local devices for convenient archiving and management.

score line

Setting of Passing/Fail Score Line

Set a passing score line, and the system will automatically calculate the number and proportion of qualified individuals.

batch personnel import

Batch Personnel Import

Support one-click import of data via direct copy-paste or Excel templates.

evaluation progress tracking

Evaluation Progress Tracking

Allow for real-time tracking of evaluated/unevaluated progress and timely reminders.

highest lowest scores

Removal of Highest and Lowest Scores

Remove the highest and lowest scores of each level based on a proportional percentage.


Summary of Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Summarize employees' strengths and weaknesses to help them improve and develop in a targeted manner.

self awareness

Self-Awareness Differences

Clearly understand the difference between self-rating and others rating to help improve self-awareness.

departmental score ranking

Departmental Score Ranking

Display the score rankings of employees across the entire company and within each department.


Calculation of Scores on Answer Pages

Calculate the scoring situation for each evaluator on the answer page.

different questions

Different Levels Assigned Different Questions

Assign different question content to different levels within the same survey.

comments setting

Personal Score Comments Setting

Allow for customized feedback comments based on individual score ranges and display them in individual reports.

four send methods

Four Send Methods

Email, SMS, password, and mobile verification code are the four methods of sending invitations for the 360-degree evaluation. With just one click, it is easy to answer the questions, and it supports both unified links and QR codes.

Talent Inventory Grid

The talent inventory grid helps companies better understand employees' abilities and potentials, thereby enabling better human resources planning and development.

talent inventory grid