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Global Survey Panel with a Vast Participant Base

Leverage our Audience Panel to quickly gather feedback from a variety of demographics, ensuring your business decisions are in tune with market trends.

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Audience Panel

Genuine and Extensive Audience Sources

A truly diverse audience panel empowers you to make the most informed decisions.

Reaches over 10 million users daily and close to 300 million monthly, offering precise survey distribution based on user interests and specific groups like car owners, new parents and others.

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Access a sample panel tailored with demographic or bespoke balancing options.
Tailor the demographic characteristics of a sample group according to age, gender, income, occupation, region and others.
Surveys can be targeted towards designated demographics, including business professionals, ticket agents, electric vehicle operators, and online consumers, among others.
response quality control

Response Quality Control

1. Through question screening and technical measures, we ensure response quality.

2. Invalid responses can be discarded and not included in the overall sample count.

3. Note: Our billing is strictly contingent upon the quantity of valid samples!

Data Analysis, Deep Insights

1. The system automatically compiles reports from the gathered responses, featuring a variety of chart types including pie charts, bar graphs, line charts, and column charts.
2. Responses can be subjected to various data analyses, including categorical statistics, cross-analysis, and comparative analysis.
3. Providing the dashboard, allowing you to customize charts and styles as needed to create elegant report templates that align with your company's style.
4. Smart AI data analysis leverages advanced language models to insightfully analyze your survey outcomes, delivering expert text summaries.

Achieve Your Goals in 3 Steps

Whether you occasionally engage in research or are a professional insights analyst, you can easily design, set objectives, and smoothly complete a project from start to finish.


Step 1: Choose Your Audience

Pinpoint your desired target audience through segmentation criteria, including age, gender, location, occupation, income, and more.


Step 2: Send Your Survey

Easily create surveys by choosing from our questionnaire templates, professional market research models, or designing your own.


Step 3: View Your Report

Collect results in real-time. Utilize our analytical tools, including custom reports, dashboard displays, filters, and cross-analysis, to gain insights into their impact on your business.

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