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The Following Needs.
Online forms enable businesses to collect orders efficiently, regardless of time or location, leading to increased revenue and improved performance.
Use online forms to book appointments, meetings, medical or beauty services, etc., to ensure the smooth completion of time and service arrangements.
Upon arrival at the venue, using online forms for check-in allows for a faster process of identity verification and access to other services. This results in a more efficient organization of data and reports.
Register for events using online forms with the added functionality of setting quotas for each event participant to limit the number of available spots. With the convenience of obtaining the final registration results in one click, the process is efficient and hassle-free.
Online forms provide an effortless means of collecting feedback and suggestions from customers and users about products, services, websites, apps, and more. This enables businesses to recognize areas lacking in user experience and implement necessary improvements.
Using online forms to procure supplies and equipment can streamline communication between procurement teams and suppliers, thereby reducing the chances of misunderstandings and improving collaboration efficiency.
Diverse Functions to Meet Various Needs
1. Customize the styles to meet various aesthetics.

2. Provide multiple question types including file uploading, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and more.

3. Automatically analyze data and offer professional analysis reports.
Diverse Functions
Feedback Notification
Feedback Notification to Responders
By enabling email feedback, respondents can receive messages like thank-you notes, notifications, discount coupons, and lottery information via email, all of which are sent to relevant parties to enhance communication and engagement with participants as well as to improve the enjoyment and positive feedback of the overall activity.
Event Registration Makes Events More Fun
Event Details Settings :
Event Image, Event Description, Event Time;

Event Homepage Display :
Customizable Background and Color Scheme;

Registration and Check-In Settings :
Check-In settings based on Registration Data, with Real-Time Display of Check-In Results.
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Use Cases
School Extracurricular Activity Registration
A school needs to provide a registration form for extracurricular activities or course classes to collect basic information and preferences from students. The registration form needs to collect the student's name, date of birth, parent information, contact phone and email address, and provide a submission date. In addition, to better understand the courses or fields that interest students, the registration form can also ask students to choose one or more keywords, such as "literature, art, science, engineering, etc."
Food and Beverage Take-out and Dine-in Order Form
A restaurant provides an online ordering form for customers to order and choose take-out or dine-in. The order form needs to collect the customer's name, address, phone number and email address, and provide a submission date and menu selection. In addition, the order form can also require customers to choose food type, quantity, taste, and delivery time.
Hospital Treatment Feedback Form
A hospital provides an online feedback form for patients to understand their treatment experience and service quality. The feedback form should include questions such as medical services, facility conditions, attitude and technical level of medical staff, etc. In addition, the form should provide an optional feedback field for patients to provide feedback on any other issues.
Conference Check-in Form
A conference needs to provide a check-in form for participants to record attendance and partial feedback. The sign-in form should include questions such as name, institution, email address and phone number. In addition, the form can also require participants to provide some feedback, such as why they choose to attend the conference, issues they hope to address, etc.
Enterprise Onboarding Registration
A company provides an onboarding registration form for new employees to obtain information and better arrange onboarding training. The registration form needs to collect the employee's name, date of birth, education level, work experience and personal information, as well as the skills or knowledge they hope to gain through onboarding. In addition, the registration form may also require employees to provide a resume or list of work experience for re-evaluation of their background and skills.
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