MaxDiff Model
Understand the Real Preferences of Consumers

MaxDiff (Maximization of Difference), is a market research technique that allows respondents to
choose their most and least favorite products from a set. By comparing and analyzing these
choices, the relative appeal of each product to the respondents can be determined. It is used to
understand the degree of respondents' preference for product attributes.
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Advantages of MaxDiff
High Discrimination
High Discrimination
Compared to traditional rating or ranking methods, MaxDiff analysis can more accurately reveal consumers' relative preference for different product features.
Reduced Response Bias
Reduced Response Bias
As MaxDiff requires consumers to make choices among a limited number of options, it can reduce the misuse of middle options or ratings, improving data quality.
Easy to Understand
Easy to Understand
The results of MaxDiff analysis are intuitive and easy to understand, making it convenient to communicate and explain to various stakeholders.
Applicable to Various Scenarios
Applicable to Various Scenarios
MaxDiff analysis is suitable for the study of features of various products and services, including physical products, virtual products, services, etc.
Cross-cultural Research
Cross-cultural Research
MaxDiff analysis can be applied to consumers in different countries and regions, helping businesses understand consumer preferences on a global scale.
Application Scenarios
Product Development
Through MaxDiff analysis, companies can understand consumers' preferences for different product features, thereby optimizing product design and functionality.
Market Segmentation
By utilizing MaxDiff analysis, companies can identify the needs of different market segments for product features, and then develop targeted marketing strategies.
Advertising Testing
MaxDiff analysis can be used to evaluate the appeal of different advertising ideas, helping companies choose the most influential advertising solutions.
Pricing Strategy
By analyzing consumers' preferences for different prices and features, companies can develop more reasonable pricing strategies.
Brand Positioning
MaxDiff analysis can reveal the relative importance of brand attributes to consumers, helping companies optimize brand positioning and communication.
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How to Create
You need to identify the characteristics of the product or service you want to study. Then, based on these characteristics, create a MaxDiff questionnaire. In the questionnaire, each question will present a set of characteristics to the consumers. Your task is to customize the content and quantity of these characteristics, as well as the total number of questions in the survey. In each question, consumers will choose their most and least favorite.
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analysis results
Analysis Results
Based on the model results, calculate the importance scores for each characteristic. These scores reflect the relative preference of consumers for different characteristics. The system will automatically visualize the results in forms such as charts, making it easier to understand and communicate.
Case Studies
Phone Case Study
A mobile phone manufacturer learned through MaxDiff analysis that consumers have a higher preference for camera features, battery life, and processor performance. Based on this finding, the company strengthened these features in the new phone and emphasized these advantages in advertising, ultimately achieving positive.
case mobile
case travel
Travel Package Analysis
A travel agency used MaxDiff analysis to discover that consumers value itinerary arrangements, accommodation conditions, and tour guide services when choosing travel packages. Therefore, the company optimized the travel package design, offering more personalized itinerary options, improving accommodation conditions, and enhancing tour guide training.
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