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Track live poll results and rankings with clear and easily comprehensible vote counts and percentages displayed for each option.

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Customize poll backgrounds, headers, text colors, and page styles to showcase your company's branding and style, among other customization options.


Live Polling Wall

The polling wall can show real-time rankings of voting results, and transparent display of results can enhance voting motivation. The style of the voting wall is customizable to meet different design requirements in various scenarios.

Multiple Use Cases for Poll

Student Council Elections

This poll is used to nominate students for positions within the student council, such as president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc. Students can vote for their chosen candidates through the voting process. The results will determine who will be the next student council leaders.

New Product Design

This poll is designed for employees to evaluate the proposed new product's design within the company. Employees can provide their advice and opinions in the voting process, and rate different designs. Based on the voting results, the company can determine which product design is the most popular and has potential.

Food Magazine or Catering Industry Rating Events

This poll is used to rate the best restaurant, chef, or dishes in a specific region or food category. Readers or industry experts can express their opinions by voting and support their favorite restaurants or dishes. The voting results can provide valuable reference opinions for readers and the food industry.

Movie Award Ceremony

This poll is used to choose the best movies, actors, directors, cinematographers, and other technical staff. Audiences and movie industry professionals can vote for their best performances and technicalities to praise excellence in the film industry.

Team Building Activity

This poll is used by employees to vote on the preferred team-building activities for the company. The activities may include outdoor activities, sports competitions, cooking classes, volunteer work, etc. Employees can vote for their preferred activity choices and rank them based on their interest levels. The voting results will determine which activities the company will organize for the team building event, ensuring maximum participation, and enjoying the activities. This voting process can also foster a positive work environment by encouraging employee teamwork, communication, and collaboration.

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