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Nowadays, online questionnaire surveys have become an important tool for enterprises to obtain user feedback, market analysis, and decision-making. Due to the availability of many very useful and professional online survey design tools and platforms, creating customer survey questionnaires can now be very simple. 

They do not only provide rich templates and questionnaire design options, but also have powerful data tracking and analysis functions, making the questionnaire survey process more efficient and convenient.

1. Content design: Rich templates and flexible customization

Online survey tools often provide diverse questionnaire templates, covering various fields and lines. Industry, whether it is market research, product research, or customer satisfaction survey, can find suitable templates to work on. At the same time, these tools also allow users to flexibly adjust the questionnaire structure according to their needs, customize question types, option settings, and answer logic, ensuring the targeted and accurate content of the questionnaire. The following commonly used questionnaire tool platforms all have rich industry templates to choose from:

● SurveyPluto offers 50+question types, all of them are free to use, including NPS, Rank Order, Upload, Matrix, Maxdiff, Conjoint Analysis, Kano, PSM. There are also many free feature templates available, which not only meet the needs of creating various industry templates for questionnaire surveys, but also provide more comprehensive design ideas for questionnaire creators, allowing for quick creation of survey questionnaires. This survey tool provides many free-to-use features, allowing you to enjoy the most features at the least cost.

● SurveyMonkey provides an intuitive interface and easy to customize templates, allowing users to quickly create survey questionnaires. For example, Essential question types, Video&image question, and Quiz scoring are free to use.

● TypeForm, 20+question types are free to use, including Ranking, NPS, Rating, Matrix. It also provides users with a wide range of free question types to choose from, making it easier for them to create excellent survey questionnaires.

● SurveySparrow also offers 20+common question types for users to choose from for free.

2. Layout design: Beautiful and intuitive user interface

The layout design of the questionnaire is crucial for improving user engagement and data quality. Professional online survey tools usually have an intuitive and user-friendly interface design, allowing users to easily adjust the color, font, layout, and other elements of the questionnaire to create a questionnaire appearance that matches the brand image and survey theme. 

At the same time, the questionnaire tool also provides a variety of question types and visual effects options, such as single choice, multiple choice, text input, drop-down menu, etc., making the questionnaire more vivid and interesting.

● SurveyPluto provides many tools to facilitate users to optimize the questionnaire page. For example, it provides many questionnaire page beautification elements for users to choose from, including rating types, text types, pagination, and the other types, multiple choice, checkboxes, matrix radio button, multi-level dropdown, etc. These effect options follow survey logic so you can easily use them to emphasize survey content.

● SurveyMonkey offers a variety of survey background themes and color choices, and can upload logos of companies or schools to make the survey look professional and clean. The questionnaire design interface is simple, intuitive to operate, and easy to get started. Provide multiple question types, such as single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc., to meet different needs.

● TypeForm, designed aesthetically and emphasizing user experience, provides a variety of visual and animation effects to make the questionnaire look more attractive. Provide multiple question types and interactive methods, such as sliders, star ratings, etc., to make the questionnaire more interactive and interesting.

● SurveySparrow has a simple interface, intuitive operation, and is easy to get started with. Provide multiple question types and layout methods to meet different needs. Emphasize user experience and provide conversational survey design to make it easier for respondents to participate.

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3. Data tracking and analysis: Comprehensive and in-depth insights

The core purpose of a questionnaire survey is to collect and analyze data. Professional online questionnaire tools not only support real-time data tracking, allowing users to keep track of the progress and distribution of questionnaire filling at any time, but also provide powerful data analysis functions. Users can filter, sort, cross analyze, and visually display the collected data to deeply explore potential market opportunities, customer needs, and competitor dynamics.

● SurveyPluto offers Default report, Classification reports, Crosstab reports, Comparison reports, Custom reports, Word cloud analysis, Dashboard, Responses overview, Download responses (XLSX, WORD). All the above analysis functions are free to use. These analysis functions can almost meet most of the questionnaire analysis requirements.

● SurveyMonkey provides rich data analysis tools such as cross labels, filters, etc., which can help users dig deeper into data and discover potential patterns. As an industry leader, it has powerful data analysis and user behavior tracking functions, which are easy to operate and suitable for large-scale investigations. However, service fees may be higher.

● Typeform helps users quickly understand survey results through intuitive charts and reports. At the same time, it also provides some basic data tracking functions, such as user behavior tracking. Although Typeform may not be as powerful in data analysis as SurveyMonkey, its concise and clear interface and ease of operation make it more suitable for small to medium-sized survey projects.

● SurveySparrow, as an emerging online survey tool, may not be mature enough in data tracking and analysis. However, its interface is user-friendly and highly customizable, allowing users to customize survey questionnaires and data analysis reports according to their own needs. In addition, SurveySparrow also provides innovative features such as multiple logical blocks and conditional displays, which can help users create and manage surveys more effectively.


These survey tools allow you to easily create customer questionnaires, and then use professional online questionnaire tools to facilitate efficient data collection and analysis, which can greatly contribute to the success of your company.

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