Multiple Choice Question

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) is a common type of survey tool that present a question or statement with a set of possible answers, and the respondents can choose one option of them. View a Multiple Choice example. 

Survey Creation Interface Example

Creating a Multiple Choice Question

Creating a Multiple Choice question in SurveyPluto is so easy. Follow these steps:

1. Choose Multiple Choice to add the question to your survey.

Question Customization Options

2. Enter the question you want to ask in the textbox provided. Make sure the question is clear and concise.

3. Add the options for the question. You can add as many options as you need. You can add picture and description for options.

4. (Optional) Adjust any additional settings for questions and options.

Making Questions Required

Referring to Previous Answer

Randomizing Options

Allowing Comments for an Option

Group Settings

Stacked Options

Pipe Answer

Display Logic 

Skip Logic

Display Option Logic

5. Click Finish

Analyzing the Data

SurveyPluto offers various ways to display the results of Multiple Choice questions. The results show the number and percentage of responses for each option, and are presented using charts and tables to visualize the data. Multiple chart types are available for Multiple Choice questions, including column, pie, doughnut, bar, and line charts.

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