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Allowing Comments for an Option

By adding a comment to a close-ended question, respondents can provide additional information about their answer. Here's how to add a comment box for an option: 

1. Click a question to edit, please note that only the following question types support adding comments for an option:

- Multiple Choice

- Checkboxes

- Rank Order

- Rate the Choice

- Rating Checkbox

2. Click on the option for which you want to allow comments, such as “Other (Please specify).

3. Check the Fill in checkbox on the right-hand side of the option.

Allowing Comments for an Option

4. (Optional) If you want respondents to provide comments, check the Required checkbox. This will mark the comment box with a red asterisk (*).

check fill in

5. (Optional) If you want respondents to select one of the pre-defined options in addition to providing a comment, click on Selectable fill-in content. This will limit respondents to selecting from a list of options that you define.  

required check box

Selectable fill-in content

Add options

6. Click Finish.