Classification Reports

A classification report feature allows for the survey data to be filtered, focusing on specific subsets related to a maximum of two questions.

1. Click +Add Filter to select the question(s).

Add filter button

Select question(s)

2. You can select up to 2 questions, including the collector. Eligible question types include:

- Multiple Choice

- Checkboxes

- Dropdown

- Rating


- Rate the Choice

- Rating Checkbox

- Review

3. After selecting question(s), you can select option categories.

- For a single question, select one specific option.

Select option for a question

- For two questions, choose a combination of options across these questions.

Select option combination for two questions

4. Click Confirm to view the classification report. It shows the number of valid responses and the format is the same as default report.

Classification report

5. (Optional) The classification report can be downloaded in Word and PDF formats and shared with others.