New Page

When Add a New Page

Adding a new page in a survey can separate questions in different pages (view a New Page example). If your survey has the following situations, you can add a new page to a survey:

1. Organizing questions: If your survey includes a large number of questions, it can be helpful to break them up into separate pages to make the survey more manageable and easier to navigate for respondents.

2. Improving survey flow: By grouping related questions together on a single page, you can improve the flow of the survey and make it easier for respondents to understand the context and purpose of each question.

3. Customizing the survey experience: Adding new pages can also allow you to customize the survey experience for different groups of respondents. For example, you may want to include different questions or skip logic for respondents who fall into different demographic categories or who have different levels of experience or knowledge.

Adding a New Page

1. To add a new page to your survey, choose New Page from the survey builder. Any questions added after this will be displayed on the new page. 

Add New Page

2. (Optional)  Set time controls in Min and Max Seconds. This will control the answer time for this page. 

Set time controls

Remaining example

Exceed the max time limit