Deleting Responses

You can delete specific responses; the deleted data will then not be displayed on the "Analyze Results" and "Responses" pages. 

Deleting One Response

To remove a specific response, click the Delete icon under the "Operation" section. This action will move the deleted response to the Recycle Bin.

Delete a response

Number of reponses change

Number of reponses in analyze results change

If needed, you can restore deleted responses from the Recycle Bin to make them valid again. Alternatively, you can permanently remove all responses from the Recycle Bin by clicking Clear the recycle bin, after which they cannot be recovered.

Restore or clear the deleted responses

Deleting All Responses

To delete all collected responses at once, clicking Delete all. Please note, this action is irreversible, and you will not be able to restore any responses once they have been deleted at once.

Delete all responses