Date Question

Date question type allows respondents to select a specific date. This question type is particularly useful for gathering information about DOB, events, appointments, and etc. View a Date example.

Date example

Creating a Date Question

1. Choose Date to add the question to your survey.

Create a Date question

2. Enter the question, such as the date of birth or appointment date. 

3. (Optional) Set Start Date. There are two ways to set it:

● The day of answering: This is typically used for appointment scheduling. You can set the date before or after the answering date. For example, if today is February 28th, 2024, "-10" would mean 10 days before the answering date (February 18th,2024), and "7" would mean 7 days after the answering date (March 6th,2024).

The day of answering

The day of answering example

● Specified Date: Select a date to set as a start date.

Specified start date

Specified start date example

4. (Optional) Set End Date. There are two ways to set it:

● After the start date: Enter a number, and the end date will be that number of days after the start date.

After the start date

After the start date example

● Specified Date: Select a date to set as a end date.

Specified end date

Specified end date example

5. (Optional) Adjust any additional settings for questions.

Making Questions Required

Referring to Previous Answer

Display Logic 

Skip Logic

6. Click Finish

Analyzing the Data

You can click View Details to see details for each respondent and click Export to Excel to export the data to an Excel file for further analysis.

Date details

Date excel