Check in Settings

With the Registration Form, you can enable a check-in feature allowing respondents to check in post-registration, enabling real-time attendance monitoring.

Creating a Registration Form

1. Click +New Survey in the top right corner.

+New survey button

2. Choose Registration Form to start. Available forms include: Form, Event Registration, and Register and Check-in. Each type allows for Check-in setup.

Select registration form

Configuring Check-in Settings

After finalizing your form, click Save to access the "Build" page, then click Set Check-in.

Set check-in button

- Check-in Method: Opt for either phone number or email for check-ins. Ensure to include the corresponding question beforehand.

Check-in method

- Check-in Time: Activate Set a start date and/or Set cut-off date. Define the opening and closing dates and times.

Check-in time

- Check-in Frequency: You can select one check-in frequency: Only check-in once or Check-in once a day. For Check-in once a day, you can designate a specific time window during which respondents are permitted to check in. This is suitable for work and class attendance.

Check-in frequency

- Check-in Feedback: Tailor feedback messages for both successful and failed check-ins. The default prompts are "Congratulations, you have successfully checked in!" and "Sorry, check-in failed!".

Check-in feedback

Click Save to access the check-in link and QR code. Then, you can copy the link or download the QR code for check-in purpose. 

Check-in link and QR code

Click View Check-in Results to see responses for both checked-in and not checked-in participants.

View check-in results button

Check-in results

NOTE: Check-in is only available 5 minutes after registration.

Bulk Importing Registration Data 

For pre-existing attendance lists that bypass initial registration, directly bulk importing registration data.

1. After finalizing your form, click Save to access the "Build" page, then click Bulk Import Registration Data

Bulk import registration data

2. Input or upload (via Excel) your responses. After uploading, click Confirm Import. You can keep adding the data or view responses. The data will be displayed in "Results" page.

Input data

Import successfully

Import data results

NOTE: This feature only supports Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Dropdown, Rating, Date, Matrix, and Textbox.