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Setting Option as Default

If you have a survey or form with multiple options, you may want to set option as default option that appears selected when the respondent first views the question. Here are the steps to set an option as default:

1. Click a question to edit, please note that only the following question types support setting option as default:

- Multiple Choice

- Checkboxes

- Dropdown

2. Click on the option that you want to set as default.

3. You can set an option as the default by clicking on the Radiobox or Checkbox. Alternatively, you can click on Default box on the right-hand side of the option.

Setting Option as Default

4. Click Finish.

To cancel the default option, simply click on the Radiobox or Checkbox again, or uncheck Default checkbox.

NOTE: Multiple Choice and Dropdown questions can only have one default option, while Checkboxes questions can have multiple default options.