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Making Questions Required

When creating a survey, some questions may require an answer while others do not. So, you can make question required or optional based on your preference. 

NOTE: By default, all questions are set to be required. 

Make a question required / optional

1. Select the question which you want to make it required / optional.

2. To make a question required, check the Required checkbox. The question will be marked by an red asterisk (*).

Making Questions Required

3. To make a question optional, uncheck the Required checkbox.

To make a question optional, uncheck the Required checkbox

Make all questions required / optional

If you want to make all questions required or optional, follow these steps: 

1. Click on any question and the Required checkbox will appear.

2. Hover over the Required and select either "Make all questions required" or "Make all questions optional" based on your preference.

Make all questions optional