Pipe Answer

Piping answers involves dynamically inserting the respondent's previous answers into subsequent questions, which is used to personalize the survey experience for respondents. Follow these steps to set up piping answer:

1. Click a question to edit, please note that only the following question types support setting up piping answer:

- Multiple Choice

- Checkboxes

- Rank Order

- Matrix Types

- Constant Sum

2. Click on Pipe Answer button and select the source question, which should be a Checkboxes or Rank Order question type.

Pipe answer button

Select the source question

The format of using piping answer

3. Click Finish


For example, if you ask respondents which brands they know and their favorite brand among the ones they know, you can use pipe answer to personalize the survey experience. 

Pipe answer example - not been answered

Pipe answer example - answered