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Creating a Survey with AI

AI create survey can help you create surveys quickly and efficiently by only providing the survey title, topic prompts, and the number of questions. The following steps outline how to create a survey with AI by using SurveyPluto:

1. Click +New Survey in the top right corner.

+New survey button

2. Click on Create With AI to access the AI creation page. 

Create with AI button

3. Enter the survey title that accurately summarizes your research topic.

4. (Optional) Enter the survey topic prompt. You can provide a detailed description of the survey topic and purpose. This will help the AI create a more relevant survey.

5. Enter the number of questions you want to include in the survey. Up to 30 questions can be generated with AI.

6. Click Submit.

Create with AI page

7. The AI will generate a survey, and you can edit questions and options on the left-hand side of the screen. The right-hand side provides a preview of the survey format.

Create with AI format

8. Click on Add to Survey to access the survey edit page.

Edit page

NOTE: AI creation is limited to 10 uses per day.