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Text Question Types

Single Textbox Question

Single Textbox Question allows respondents to enter a short answer or provide a brief comment in a single text box.

Multiple Textbox Question

Multiple Textbox question type is suitable for questions that require multiple pieces of information to be filled in together. They can be set up using fill-in-the-blank or selection methods, and can be used for questions such as filling out personal information.

Matrix Text Question

Matrix text question type allows respondents to provide multiple answers to a series of related questions in a table format. You can ask multiple questions in a structured and organized way, making it easier for respondents to understand and provide accurate answers.

Table Text Question

Table Text question type presents a table with a set of rows and columns, and respondents are asked to provide text responses in each cell of the table. It can be used in a variety of situations where you need to collect structured data from respondents.

Multi level Dropdown Question

Multi-level Dropdown question type is ideal for situations where the options have several levels and need to be organized in a hierarchical structure. By presenting respondents with a series of dropdown menus, they can easily navigate through different levels of information.

Date Question

Date question type allows respondents to select a specific date. This question type is particularly useful for gathering information about DOB, events, appointments, and etc.