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Personalizing Surveys with Display Logic

Display logic allows you to show certain questions based on the respondent's previous answers. This feature can help to make surveys more efficient and user-friendly by tailoring the questions to the respondent's specific needs or interests.

1. Determine which questions you want to show based on the respondent's answers.

2. Click on Display Logic button and enter the Display Logic setting pop-up.

Personalizing Surveys with Display Logic

3. Choose the conditions (previous questions and selected options) that will determine to show this question. You can choose more than one questions and set AND / OR conditions related to multiple questions.

Display Logic

4. (Optional) If there are other questions that have the same display logic as the question you just set up, you can apply the same conditions to those questions. 

Choose the conditions

5. Click Save.

To remove display logic, you can delete each condition individually by clicking on the Θ icon. If you want to delete all conditions at once, you can click on the Delete all or Delete button.

Display logic

NOTE:  Except the first question, other questions can be set up with display logic. With display logic, the question will not be displayed initially and will only appear when the specified conditions are triggered.

For example, if you only want to ask the Q2 "Which brand of car did you purchase last year?" to respondents who have purchased a car in the last year, you can use display logic to only display Q2 when the answer to the Q1 is "Yes" to "Have you purchased a car in the last year?". If the answer is "No", then Q2 about car brand will not be displayed. 

Click save

Display logic

Display logic