Rating Checkbox Question

Rating Checkbox question provides a quantitative measure of each option. This becomes easier to analyze and compare the results. Rating Checkbox allows respondents to select multiple options from a list of choices. View a Rating Checkbox example.

Rating Checkbox example

Creating a Rating Checkbox Question

1. Choose Rating Checkbox to add the question to your survey.

Create a Rating Checkbox question

2. Enter the question. 

3. Enter the options and the scores. You can add them one by one or bulk add them.

Enter the options and the scores

Bulk edit the options and the scores

4. Set the choice range by specifying the Min and Max number of options respondents can choose.

5. (Optional) Adjust any additional settings for questions and options.

Making Questions Required

Referring to Previous Answer

Randomizing Options

Allowing Comments for an Option

Group Settings

Stacked Options

Display Logic 

Skip Logic

Display Option Logic

6. Click Finish

Analyzing the Data

Multiple chart types are available in the Rating Checkbox question, including column, pie, doughnut, bar, and line charts. A table is also available that shows the number and percentage of responses for each row question. 

Rating Checkbox result

Rating Checkbox responses

For the Rating Checkbox question, it will provide the average score for this question, which indicates the overall score for the question. It is calculated by the following formula: 

The Average Score = (Score of each option x Number of responses for each option) / Total number of answered responses 

For example, the average score for this question is 10.6, it is calculated:

 (1 x 2 + 2 x 1 + 3 x 2 + 4 x 2 + 5 x 2 + 6 x 3 + 7 x 1 ) / 5 = 10.6