Deleting Options

Deleting an Option

Deleting an options in a question is very simple. Click on the option you want to delete and then click the Delete icon that appears. This will delete the option.

Deleting Options

Deleting Multiple Options

To delete multiple options in a question:

1. Click on an option you want to delete.

2. Hover over the Bulk Edit, click on Bulk Add Options to view all the options for the question.

Deleting Multiple Options

3. You can bulk delete the options that you want to delete.

4. Click Save.

NOTE: If your survey has already received responses, you will not be able to delete any options from the question. This is because deleting options would result in the loss of response data and affect the accuracy of your survey results. Therefore, it's important to carefully review and finalize your survey questions before you start collecting responses.

Click save

Bulk edit