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QR Code Sharing Settings

You can share your survey using a QR code and customize it using these settings.

1. Access the “Share” page, click on Go Share for QR Code.

Share page

2. Customized QR code logo: Upload an image to add a logo to the center of the QR code.

Customized QR code logo

3. Customized Background Image: Choose from SurveyPluto's background image options or upload your own picture.

Customized Background Image

4. Display Title, Subtitle, and Description: By default, the survey title is displayed. To provide more information to respondents, you can turn on the Subtitle and Description settings.

Display Title, Subtitle, and Description

5. Remove SurveyPluto Branding: Turn on this setting to remove the SurveyPluto branding.

Display SurveyPluto branding

Remove SurveyPluto branding