A dashboard consolidates graphs and charts on a single, easily interpretable page, facilitating quick understanding at a glance. The main goal of a dashboard is to provide a centralized, interactive means for users to view, analyze, and understand complex data sets, helping them make informed decisions based on current insights.

The dashboard displays the latest update date, the responses, and the charts/word clouds for each question.


You can filter the displayed data by creating a filter or by choosing from My Filters.

Filter the database

- Hide information: Options are available to hide the latest update date, responses, and specific questions.

Hide information

- Chart Customization: You can adjust data type, data sorting, chart type, and chart size for each question. Modifying the text of questions and options is also possible.

Chart Customization

- Color Customization: Choose from four color themes - Green (default), Blue, White, and Black.

Color Customization

- Incorporate cross analysis: Cross analysis can be integrated and visualized within the dashboard.

Add cross analysis in dashboard

Cross-analysis settings

- Download and share: The dashboard can be downloaded in PNG format and shared with others.