Upload Question

When you want to collect specific information from respondents in the form of documents, images, or videos, you can use Upload question to gather the information. View a Upload example.

Upload Document

Creating an Upload Question

1. Choose Upload to add the question to your survey.

Upload Question

2. Write a clear and concise question that explains what information you need respondents to upload.

3. Configure the file types, file size, and number of files that respondents can upload. You can also compress picture sizes by checking Compress Picture.

Creating an Upload Question

Configure the file types, file size, and number of files

File types

4. (Optional) Adjust any additional settings for questions.

Making Questions Required

Referring to Previous Answer

Display Logic 

Skip Logic

5. Click Finish

Viewing and Downloading Files 

To access the files, click on the Download Files button. The files will be provided in .txt format, which includes download links for all files related to this question. To download the files, simply copy the URL and paste it into your browser's address bar.

File Categories

Download Files

You can view the uploaded files by navigating to the "Responses" category.

For image, video, and audio file types, you can click on the image or file name to view them directly. 

For document and compressed file types, you will need to download them in order to view their contents.

Downloading Files