Group Settings

Group settings can be used in survey questions to group similar options together. Follow these steps to set up group settings:

1. Click a question to edit, please note that only the following question types support setting up group settings:

- Multiple Choice

- Checkboxes

- Matrix Types

- Rate the Choice

- Rating Checkbox

- Constant Sum

2. Click on the Group Settings button to access the Group Settings pop-up window.

Group settings button

3. Click on + Add Group and type the group name.

Add group button

4. Select the group options by clicking on the dropdown menus.

Select group options

5. Add more groups by following step 3 and 4.  

6. (Optional) Check the Randomize checkbox to randomize the options within a group. You can also randomize groups by checking the Random Grouping checkbox.

Random options and groups

7. (Optional) Check the Intra-Group Exclusivity checkbox if you want respondents to select only one option in each group. This option is only available for the Checkboxes and Rating Checkbox question types.

Intra-group exclusivity button

8. Click Finish.

If you want to edit the group name, click on the Edit icon. If you want to delete the group, click on the Delete icon.

Edit and delete groups

Here is an example for a survey question that used group settings for options:

Group settings example