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Designing Your Survey

Creating a Survey from Scratch

Creating a survey from scratch is a common method for conducting surveys. Here are the steps to follow when creating a survey from scratch.

Creating a Survey with AI

AI create survey can help you create surveys quickly and efficiently by only providing the survey title, topic prompts, and the number of questions.

Importing Questions and Responses from Excel

You can perform bulk import of survey questions and responses from Excel. This process involves taking the structured data from Excel, where questions and corresponding responses are typically organized in rows and columns.

Importing Questions from Text

If you have a list of survey questions that you want to add to your survey all at once, you can bulk import them from text.

Creating a Survey from Template

SurveyPluto offers a wide range of pre-built survey templates to help you create surveys quickly and easily. These templates are designed for a variety of industries and use cases.

Question Bank

SurveyPluto provides some question banks for for both Customer Experience and Employee Experience, making it easier for survey creators to craft insightful surveys.

Question Types

SurveyPluto equips survey creators with a diverse array of question types, enabling the design of tailored surveys for specific needs. Explore the options by clicking on the question types for more information.

Changing the Survey Title

Survey title shows the main purpose of the survey and it appears at the top of survey page. Edit it to better suit your purpose.

Adding & Editing Description

Survey description helps respondents understand the purpose of the survey and why their feedback is valuable.

Adding & Editing Questions

Customize your survey questions by adding, switching types, or moving them.

Adding Options

Customize your survey options by adding them individually or in bulk, and easily move them as needed.

Adding & Editing Answer Hint

An answer hint to a question can provide additional context or instructions for the respondent, which can improve the quality of the responses you receive.

Deleting Questions

When you want to delete survey questions, you can delete them individually or in bulk.

Deleting Options

When you want to delete survey options, you can delete them individually or in bulk.