Help Center Add Question Settings After Data Submission

After Data Submission

After respondents submit the survey, you can customize the display message or direct them to a specific URL. 

1. Access the Settings page. There are two ways to access it: 

Click Save and Settings after editing the survey

Save button

Settings button

Click Settings Home and Settings in the My Surveys page

Settings Home button

Settings button

2. Choose whether you want to display thank you message or jump to a specific URL after data submission.

- Display thank you message: Click the default message "Your questionnaire has been submitted, thank you for your participation" and modify the content. You can also insert parameters about the Responder Number and Submission Time.

Modify message

Thank you message pop-in

Thank you message example

- Jump to a specific URL: Enter the website link that you want respondents to go to. You can also set up a prompt that will display when respondents click submit. The default prompt is "Successfully."

Jump to a specific URL setting

Jump to a specific URL example

3. Click Save