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Sending by SurveyPluto Mailing System

You can send email by SurveyPluto Mailing System. 

Adding Respondents’ Email Addresses

To add email addresses one by one, enter them in the "To" field and press Enter input a comma. Wait for the information to update before adding the next email address.

Add email addresses

To bulk add email addresses, click the Add icon and enter one email address per line.

Bulk add email addresses

Editing the Content

You can edit the subject and email content, but please note that any text inside brackets "[ ]" will be automatically replaced by the system. Do not modify these, including [insert survey title] and [insert survey link].

Editing the email content

Send a Test Email

Click Send a test Email and enter the email address you want to send the test to. This email address will receive a test email. 

Send a test email

Send the Email

To send a single email, click the Single Send button and Send icon next to the email you want to send.

Single send email

To send all email addresses at once, click Send Now.

Send all emails