Question Bank

SurveyPluto provides some question banks for for both Customer Experience and Employee Experience, making it easier for survey creators to craft insightful surveys.

1. Click +New Survey in the top right corner.

+New Survey button

2. Select from the following types, which are directly supported by our question banks:

- Customer Satisfaction

- Customer Journey

- Employee Satisfaction

- Employee Engagement

Start from the question bank button

3. Click Go Create to select questions.

Go create button

- For customer experience, choose from industry-specific question banks across various dimensions.

Customer experience question bank

- For employee experience, select from dimensions focusing on benefits, workplace culture, and more.

Employee experience question bank

Employee experience question bank

4. Click Confirm to adjust dimensions, option contents, and scores in the next step. By default, questions use a 5-point scale from Very Satisfied to Very Dissatisfied, with scores from 5 to 1. Feel free to bulk edit to suit your need.

Bulk modify option

5. Click Confirm Addition to access the "Edit" page, where you can further refine your survey.

6. (Optional) On the "Edit" page, you have the option to Bulk add questions at the bottom, allowing for accessing question bank again.

Bulk add questions