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Sending by Proprietary Email System

If you prefer to use your enterprise email for distributing surveys, you can opt for the Proprietary Email System as your sending method. This requires configuring the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings for outgoing mail.

1. SMTP Server / Port / SSL: These three pieces of information can be consulted with the email administrator or found in the help documentation of the enterprise email, usually under the client settings section. If using a Microsoft Exchange mail server, the port should be set to 1. If these information will be used in all email sending, you can check the Applied Globally checkbox to apply to all situations.

2. Email Address: Input the smtp Email address.

3. Username: Some email systems have separate usernames. If there is no separate username, simply enter the email address again.

4. Password: Input the password of the email address.

5. Test and Save: After completing the above settings, click on Test and Save. If you see the prompt in the image below and receive the test email successfully, it means that the settings have been successful.

Enterprise email SMTP configuration

6. Upon successful setup, the sender's email address will be updated to the one you have configured. All other aspects of email sending remain consistent with the SurveyPluto Mailing System.

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