Comparison Report

In comparison report, you can choose a question that want to compare, and then evaluate its connection to each of the other questions individually.

1. Click +Add Comparison to select the question you wish to compare against others..

Add comparison button

Select the topic

2. Select a question where only one option is selectable. Eligible question types include:

- Multiple Choice

- Dropdown

- Rating


- Rate the Choice

- Review

3. (Optional) You can save this setting to My Filter for easy future access.

 save setting to My Filter

My filter pop-up

4. Click Confirm to view the comparison report. It will display relationships through stacked column and bar charts, alongside a table showing counts and percentages between your selected question (X) and the compared questions (Y).

Comparison report

5. (Optional) The comparison report can be downloaded in Word and PDF formats and shared with others.