Polling Wall Settings

A Polling Wall offers a dynamic and engaging way to display real-time responses from polls, enhancing participation and providing immediate feedback. It serves as an interactive bridge for communication between creators and participants, making it an invaluable tool for events, meetings, and online platforms aimed at gathering opinions and feedback efficiently.

To set up your Polling Wall, access the "Share" page and click the Polling wall settings to configuration. Click Polling Wall Setting to customize the polling wall.

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Polling wall

Polling wall setting

- Color Matching: You can change the color of background and chart.

- Background Image: Choose from SurveyPluto’s selection of background images or upload your own (recommended size: 1920x1080px). Activating this feature will override the background color setting.


- Type of Charts: There are two types of chart: column chart and bar chart. The default one is column chart.

- Sort the Poll Results: There are three ways to sort the poll results: original option sorting, descending poll order, and ascending poll order. The default one is descending poll order.

- Poll Ranking: If sorting by descending or ascending order, enable Poll Ranking to display rank numbers alongside results.

- Polling QR Code: By default, a QR code is displayed for easy poll access by respondents. This feature can be disabled if not required.


Change polling wall appearance

- Company LOGO: Customize your company’s name and logo via Go to settings, updating all pages on our platform to reflect your brand identity.

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Change company logo and name

- Share your Polling Wall by distributing the link to your audience.

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