Tracking Email Status

Since each survey link is unique in email, you can view every email's status through Email Status & Resend, which offers eight distinct email statuses:

Email statuses

Pending Send: The email is scheduled to be sent but has not yet been dispatched. It's in the queue, waiting for the designated sending time.

- Sending: The email is currently in the process of being sent to the recipients. 

- Sent but Not Opened: The email has been successfully sent to the recipient's inbox, but hasn't opened it yet.

- Opened but Not Visited: The respondent has opened the survey email but has not clicked on the link to visit the survey page.

- Visited but Not Filled Out: This is when a respondent opens the survey email, clicks on the link to visit the survey, but does not complete the survey.

- Valid Responses: The respondent has already completed the survey and submitted valid responses. These are the successfully collected survey data.

- Invalid Responds: The respondent has already submitted the survey but does not meet the survey's validation criteria.

- Failed to Send: The survey email could not be delivered to the respondent's email address. This could be due to various reasons such as an incorrect email address, the recipient's mailbox being full, or server issues on the recipient's end.