Answer Time

Set specific start and cut-off dates for your survey to control when respondents can answer it. 

1. Access the Settings page. There are two ways to access it: 

Click Save and Settings after editing the survey

Save button

Settings button

- Click Settings Home and Settings in the My Surveys page

Settings Home button

Settings button

2. Turn on Set a start date and/or Set cut-off date and specify the launch and close date and time.

Set a start and cut-off date

3. (Optional) Customize the prompt that respondents see if they try to open the survey outside the designated time period. The default prompt for the start date is "Sorry, this survey opens at [date+time]. Please visit this page to fill it out then," and for the cut-off date is "Sorry, this survey ended on [date+time] and is no longer accepting new responses."

Set prompt

Prompt example

4. Click Save