Custom Reports

Leverage the Custom Report feature to tailor your data analysis with specific filtering criteria. This tool allows you to sift through answer data by applying various filters. Except Upload, Rank Order, Matrix Checkbox, Slider, rest question types can be chosen in custom report. 

1. Click +Add Filter to select the question(s).

+Add filter button

2. You can select up to 4 filter conditions, including the collector, submission time, time spend, serial number, and score. Note: For Matrix questions, a row question counts as a single filter condition.

Add filter group

3. Configure options for selected questions.

- For closed-ended questions, select the desired options.

Closed-ended question

- For open-ended questions, apply an operator with a specific value.

Open-ended question

Open-ended question

4. (Optional) Save your settings to My Filter for easy future access. These saved filters can also serve as a database for Crosstab Reports.

Save the filter

My filter pop-up

5. Click Confirm to view the custom report. It shows the number of valid responses and the format is the same as Default Report.

Custom report

6. (Optional) The custom report can be downloaded in Word and PDF formats and shared with others.