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Dimension Setting

By setting up dimensions in your survey, you can gain a deeper understanding of the factors that are important to your respondents. This allows you to analyze your survey data by specific dimensions.

1. Access the Dimension Setting page. Click Save and Set Dimension after editing the survey.

Save button

Set dimension button

2. Add Dimension. Enter the dimensions in the textbox, one per line. Click Save after adding dimension. You can set multi-level dimensions by adding level 2 dimension. 

Add dimension

Set multi-level dimension

3. Bind Questions. Click Edit icon for a dimension and select the questions that need to be bound for this dimension. Then switch another dimension and bind the questions until all dimensions have bound questions. Click Save after binding questions. 

Bind questions

Select questions

4. (Optional) Dimension Standard Score. Set up a standard score to evaluate whether your dimensions meet your standards. Click Save after setting up the dimension standard score.

Dimension standard score

5. Dimension Weight. Set the weight for each dimension. The total weight should add up to 100%. Click Save after setting the dimension weight.

Dimension Weight

To edit or delete dimensions, you can click on Manage Dimensions and select the dimensions you want to edit or delete.

Manage Dimensions

Edit or delete dimensions

NOTE: Dimension settings can only be made when 'scores' have been assigned to the questions in the questionnaire. Additionally, the report with dimension analysis will only be available for surveys related to satisfaction, engagement, and NPS.

Dimension report