Matrix Checkbox Question

Matrix Checkbox question presents a matrix of answer options in a grid format, where each row represents a specific question or statement and each column represents a possible answer option. Respondents can select multiple answer options per row. View a Matrix Checkbox example.

Matrix Checkbox example

Creating a Matrix Checkbox Question

1. Choose Matrix Checkbox to add the question to your survey.

Create a Matrix Checkbox question

2. Enter the question. 

3. Enter the row questions. You can add row question one by one or bulk add them. The row questions can be displayed randomly when you check Row Question Random checkbox.

Enter the row questions

4. Enter the options in each column. You can add options one by one or bulk add them. If you want to limit the selection times for each option, you can set it by clicking Number of Selectable Options.  

Enter the options

Number of selectable options button

Number of selectable options setting

5. Set the choice range by specifying the Min and Max number of options respondents can choose.

Select choice range

6. (Optional) You can swap options and row questions.

Swap options and row questions button

7. (Optional) Adjust any additional settings for questions and options.

Making Questions Required

Referring to Previous Answer

Double Title

Group Settings

Pipe Answer

Display Logic 

Skip Logic

Vertical Selection

Multiple-choice Format

8. Click Finish.

Analyzing the Data


The results show the number and percentage of responses for each option in each row question, and are presented using charts and tables to visualize the data. Multiple chart types are available for Matrix Checkbox questions, including column, bar, line and radar charts.

Matrix Checkbox result

Detailed View

In the Detailed View of a Matrix Checkbox question, you can see the details of each row question. This view provides a more granular breakdown of the responses for each row question.

Multiple chart types are available in the Detailed View, including column, pie, doughnut, bar, and line charts. A table is also available that shows the number and percentage of responses for each row question.

Matrix Checkbox detailed view