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Creating a Survey from Scratch

Online surveys have become a popular and effective tool for businesses and organizations to gather information and feedback from their target audience. The following steps outline how to create a survey from scratch using SurveyPluto:

1. Click + New Survey in the top right corner.

Creating a Survey from Scratch

2. Enter the Survey Title and click OK to start to design your survey. 

Survey Title

3. Design your survey questions by adding different question types (e.g. multiple choice, Rating, Single Textbox) and customizing the question text and answer options.

Design your survey question

4. Apply display logic or skip logic if necessary. Logic allows you to customize the survey experience for each respondent, making it more user-friendly and efficient. 

Apply display logic or skip logic if necessary

5. After adding questions, you can customize the style of the survey, such as background, header, text format. Click Save in the top right corner and click Style to change the survey settings and theme.

Click Save

Click Style

6. Preview your survey to make sure it looks and functions the way you want it to.