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Email Sending Settings

You can send survey by emails. There are some sending settings that you can set up: 

1. Access the “Share” page, click on Go Share for Send Email.

Share page

2. Select the Sending Method. There are two methods you can choose: SurveyPluto Mailing System and Proprietary Email System

Select sending method

3. You can set up whether allow the respondents to resume from breakpoint, only access through email links, and to submit multiple times:

Set up the email settings

- Allow Resuminng from Breakpoint: When you switch this function on, it allows participants to pause the survey and then resume it later from where they left off.

- Only allow access to this questionnaire through email link: When you switch this function on, respondents can only access the survey from the unique link in received email.

- Allow Multiple Submissions: The default setting is that the survey link can be used once, but when you switch this function on, the link can be answered multiple times.