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Importing Questions from Text

If you have a list of survey questions that you want to add to your survey all at once, you can bulk import them from text. The following steps outline how to import questions from text by using SurveyPluto:

1. Click +New Survey in the top right corner.

+New Survey button

2. Click on Import From Text to access the creation page. 

Import from text button

3. Edit the questions and options on the left side of the screen, and preview the survey format on the right side.

 Creation page for import from text

4. SurveyPluto supports the following question types for bulk import, so make sure to enter the questions in the correct format.

Support question types

Formats for different question types 1

Formats for different question types 2

5. Click on Add to Survey to access the survey edit page. You can modify settings, such as min and max selection numbers for Checkboxes, Randomize options for Multiple Choice, and more.

Add to Survey button

  Edit page