Review Question

Review question type allows respondents to rate and select different reviews based on a score, as well as provide their own review. This question type is useful for gathering feedback on products or services, and can help identify areas for improvement based on the ratings and comments provided by respondents. View a Review example.

Review example

Creating a Review Question

1. Choose Review to add the question to your survey.

Create a Review question

2. Enter the question. 

3. Enter the options and scores. The default options is satisfaction for 5-point scale.

Enter the options and scores

4. Set Tags. Different options can set different tags, and there are some default comments for different satisfaction level. You can also switch on the Evaluation classification to set different sentiments, such as favorable and poor. If you want to gain more comments from respondents, you can let them to write comments by switching User customizable evaluation content on.

Set tags

Evaluation classification

Evaluation classification example

5. (Optional) Adjust the level of the scale and the style of options.

Adjust the scale and style

6. (Optional) Adjust any additional settings for questions and options.

Making Questions Required

Referring to Previous Answer

Display Logic 

Skip Logic

7. Click Finish

Analyzing the Data 

Multiple chart types are available in the Review question, including column, pie, doughnut, bar, and line charts. A table is also available that shows the number and percentage of responses for each row question. 

Review results

For the Review question, it will provide the average score for this question, which indicates the overall score for the question. It is calculated by the following formula: 

The Average Score = (Score of each option x Number of responses for each option) / Total number of answered responses 

For example, the average score for this question is 4.57, it is calculated:

 (3 x 1 + 4 x 1 + 5 x 5 ) / 7 = 4.57

To view review comments, click Details after each answer choice. Click Word Cloud Analysis to see a visual analysis of comments. Note that if there are fewer than 5 answer sheets, this feature will not be available.

Detail button

Word cloud analysis button

Word cloud analysis